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Dear person of action,

Here at Athletes Igniting Action, we are a community of many unique, individual parts striving to create one, cohesive whole. We aim to foster an environment of growth for each individual that joins this movement. This is not an easy task, as the environments in which we see the most growth in our developmental processes rarely resemble our comfort zones. 


To ignite change in the environments all around us, we must start by looking internally. We cannot demand others to do anything we are not willing to do ourselves. We cannot ask people to view us as more, if we don’t demand more from ourselves. 


This letter of intent is a commitment to action. It is a commitment to being the change we want to see. It is the termination of your past self that accepted the mediocrity of being a bystander. It is a promise to your ancestors, to your future children and to yourself to:


  • Take the time to educate yourself on the policies and officials that influence the world we live in 

  • Use your voice and your platform for more than just your own personal benefit

  • Have ongoing conversations with those around you about about racial/social injustices to better empathize 

  • Vote in both primary and general elections, with real knowledge of who and what you’re voting for

  • Make this movement a lifelong challenge to yourself

If you are willing to accept the challenge of being a better “me” to create a better “we” and committing to being a person to action, please sign below and feel free to interact with us. 

We may not be able to change everything, but we can and we will change  something.